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Podcast Corner

Check out my YouTube talk show, Spilling Ink! We have loads of great conversations with authors and publishers about the creative life.

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For inspiring, heartfelt stories and discussions from the queer community, check out Unafraid.


Praise for

Jae  LaVelle

A Flutter Of Darkness is a delicious descent into darkness that’s as delightful as it is disturbing.

Alistair C.

Such a gripping story! Exciting, fun and original, this book made the hair on my neck stand up. Very chilling and scary too. Loved it!

Scott R.

Maximum entertainment, a real page-turner, but it is also an eye-opening exposition of how love, persecution for sexual preferences, psychological abuse, desperation, war, murder and the spiritual unknown affect lives

Lex A.

[In it I found] the resilience of the human spirit that pursues happiness in spite of the horrors.

Molly J.




Jason LaVelle is a father, photographer, and animal wrangler from West Michigan. They’re one of those restless souls who has tried out just about every job there is, which at one time earned them the moniker, ‘Most interesting person in Holland.’ ADD folks, that’s all it is. That and they can’t stomach the thought of being a real adult with a real job. Throughout all the years and the many changes, a desire to create has been one of the few constants in their life. Though an award-winning habit of procrastination did everything in its power to stop them, LaVelle has authored five novels and one large collection of short stories. Drawing from a lifelong love of horror, thrillers, and mystery, all of LaVelle’s works aim to give readers a dark ride on a rickety coaster. LaVelle is one of those people who would definitely ‘like,’ their own posts, were it acceptable to do so. More than anything, as they enter their twilight years (early forties), LaVelle wants to do whatever they can to help those who are oppressed in this world.



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