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Whispers In The Shadows: A Dark Night Thriller, Book 1


A Flutter Of Darkness

A flutter is a gathering of butterflies. Elegant, ethereal, inspiring joy and wonder. But not all butterflies feed on flowers and light. Some are drawn to decomposing bodies and trickling pools of blood. Some, are drawn to darkness. 
This collection of short stories and novellas is the perfect place to admire those creatures. Whimsical and beautiful, splattered with terror, these stories show the darkness that lays hidden within us all.

“By turns terrifying and thought-provoking, Jason Lavelle’s A Flutter of Darkness is a delicious descent into darkness that’s as delightful as it is disturbing. Each story is like a little gut-punch of terror that will keep you turning pages until all hours. Fans of Stephen King will appreciate Lavelle’s brand of horror - there’s a lot to see here, folks.”

~Alistair Cross, bestselling author of The Ghosts of Ravencrest and The Vampires of Crimson Cove


"A Flutter of Darkness is as deliciously dark as it is sweet, especially for those who like their horror stories taxed with a haunting, inexorable doom." ~Joshua Robertson


"In A Flutter of Darkness, LaVelle crafts not just one fun universe but a multiplicity of them. Clear writing, fun concepts, and an eye for detail make this one a keeper!" ~Michaelbrent Collings, Bram Stoker Award finalist and bestselling author of Terminal and This Darkness Light


“A chilling buffet of bite-sized terror that will leave you wondering what you might have done in the same position.” ~Tosca Lee, NYT bestselling author of THE LINE BETWEEN

Whispers In The Shadows: A Dark Night Thriller, Book 1

When a family tragedy rips a young woman from her quiet existence, only two things give Delia any solace: steely determination, and the butcher’s son. Well, that and the ominous whispers that warned her of impending danger throughout her childhood.

Years later, violent conflicts and machinations of war shape the headstrong young woman and her far-flung soldier into people they don’t even recognize anymore. Though Delia finally finds her true self in the arms of an unconventional lover, danger is closer than ever before.

The whispers in the shadows have never been more urgent. Soon, the ties of her violent past will collide with everything she holds dear.

Readers' Favorite Book Reviews says, "Author Jason LaVelle's distinct ability to meld fiction with truth is the definition of Stephen King's quote: "Fiction is a lie. GREAT fiction is the truth within the lie." The story is maximum entertainment, a real page-turner, but it is also an eye-opening exposition of how love, persecution for sexual preferences, psychological abuse, desperation, war, murder and the spiritual unknown affect lives."

The Cold Room: A Dark Night Thriller, Book 2

Something dark and dangerous resides in Karen’s new home, and it wants her gone.


Fate brought Karen and Joel together, and they seem like a perfect fit. They settle into a happy relationship, but when an unexpected event forces Karen to move in with Joel, everything takes a dark turn.


They’re not the only ones inhabiting his house. An unknown evil lurks within, and it’s determined to rid itself of the troublesome new roommate.


Stalked through the night by an ancient assailant, Karen must shift her focus. It’s no longer enough simply to unravel the house’s mysteries. Now, she must worry about making it out alive.


Inspired by chilling real events, The Cold Room might cause you to rethink those strange sounds in your own home... and to sleep with the lights on.

Pathosis: Dying World Chronicles Book 1

Isla Perdida has been untouched by humans for hundreds of years. Until now. A team of researchers has landed on the rocky shores of this dangerous landscape, and discover that a horrific predator is waiting for them. It doesn't take long for this deadly arachnid to make its way from the humid island jungle to the American mainland. As this new threat terrorizes Southern Florida, a murderous infection begins to spread. Victims are piling up, and death is not the worst of it. 
Kala is a high school sophomore. She's tough, smart, and just a little awkward. She watches as terror grips her hometown and the people she thought she knew turn against each other. Kala, her family, and her best friend Abigail band together and struggle to survive this dangerous new place that was once their peaceful home. Pathosis is an adventure through a landscape of horror. 
Pathosis is a action filled thriller intended for adults and mature teens.

Ecocide: Dying World Chronicles Book 2

The zombie epidemic has begun, and the world is reeling from this onslaught of mindless, merciless killers. In a desperate attempt to rid the world of a horrific new disease, humankind poisons its own ecosystem, and dooms not only the zombies it fights, but also the very people it is trying to save. 
At sixteen years old, Kala is the sole survivor in her family after the first wave of zombie infections tore through her hometown in southern Florida, only to then be gunned down by an FBI sharpshooter while trying to escape the diseased city with her friends. When she finally wakes up, she finds herself in a dangerous new America. Her only hope is to travel north with her newfound companions, where they hope to find food, shelter, and protection. Their path will not be easy, because zombies are not the only killers roaming the streets. Hope balances on the blade of a knife, and survival is the only option left.

Coming Soon
The Cold Room
The Dark Of Night: A Dark Night Thriller, Book 3

Emma Gilbert never imagined she’d have to battle an ancient evil, one whose powers and rage have been building for centuries.

Rabid Reader says, “Once again Jason LaVelle has written an intricate, creepy and yet thought provoking story that keeps you on the edge of your seat... The storyline captures your imagination and sends shivers down your spine....”

More than twenty years have passed since Karen Gilbert was stalked by a demon child intent on her death. Still, she can’t escape from dark forces in this world. As her life draws near its end, her body ravaged by the same cancer that took her mother and grandmother before her, she’s restricted to a hospital bed. With time running out, she must warn her daughter of the dark forces in the world, those she could never talk about before.

Emma Gilbert is as beautiful and headstrong as her mother, and she’s just learned that she’s about to be called into battle against an unimaginable evil that has stalked the earth for a millennium. She flounders under the weight of her newfound knowledge, and what it might mean for her life, but she cannot ignore her destiny. Forced into a supernatural confrontation, she discovers the daunting stakes should she fail—much more than her own life.

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